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A Free Ride to Muckingham in the New Powerwash Simulator VR Content Trailer!

Most mundane activities, such as walking, fishing, or even cleaning, are much more engaging in the magical world of Virtual Reality! Maybe it's the risk-free environment, or maybe it's the fact we can do them while sitting down; VR simulators are a great way to spend an hour or two to relax. In this genre of virtual hobbying and chores, Powerwash Simulator is a great example, I mean you can wash things without getting wet! FuturLab and nDreams think so, at least, with the release of the newest free content update: The Muckingham Files.

This six-level update has something for beginners and veteran cleaners alike, offering varying locales from the sweltering desert to opulent Spanish villas! In addition to areas to explore and surfaces to clean, you'll find new stories waiting to be discovered and jobs to take. So get your suit, power up that washer and let's not stop until everything shines!

To celebrate the release of The Muckingham Files, PowerWash Simulator VR is now on sale for up to 25% off on the Meta Quest Store.

You can also check out our review if you want our opinion on the game in general!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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