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A New (Realm) Door Opens in Disney Dreamlight Valley's Upcoming Free Update

A New (Realm) Door Opens in Disney Dreamlight Valley's Upcoming Free Update

Announced back on the original Disney Dreamlight Valley showcase streamed on the 1st of November 2023 (the same one that announced the shift from free-to-play and also A Rift in Time expansion), the new step for the official road map is finally here. And it's a big one! And scary. Or funny — depending on when you're looking at it...

The 2023–2024 roadmap for Disney Dreamlight Valley announced a slew of exciting features, and we're finally entering the second stage — dubbed Late Winter 2024 — where everyone's not-so-scary scarer is making his way to the valley. In the upcoming update to the game, the new realm door is opening for all players (even those who don't own the A Rift in Time expansion, as this is part of the base roadmap), and with it comes none other than Monster's Inc.'s Mike Wazowski.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley official X account @DisneyDLV has been adorning itself with all things Monster's Inc. for a few days now, leading up to the announcement of the Realm door unlock. First, it was the 12th of February teaser featuring emojis hinting at the next Star Path, which likely was teasing Boo's Door and Celia's snake-filled hair. And something about a candle and spaghetti, which is more likely to be Lady-and-the-Tramp-themed for Valentine's Day.

image 2024 02 18 124746675

Next up was Valentine's Day's very own Monster's-Inc.-themed cards (which we made a special one for all of you!) with four to pick from. This one features in-game pictures of the characters that are coming up rather than their movie counterparts, giving an official first look at Sulley making his way (which is the first-ever tease from what we can tell).

If the images are to be believed (alongside the announcement on the 17th of February), then Mike Wazowski (who we already knew about) and James P. Sullivan (a possible new arrival) will be making their way to the Valley on the next update, alongside the Star Path that comes with them, too.

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