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A New Way to Hunt in the Way of the Hunter Tripod Stand Trailer!

With the release of the latest Way of the Hunter DLC, Matariki Park, right around the corner, developer Nine Rocks Games have decided to tease one of the new tools hunters both veterans and fledglings can count on to get a good view no matter where they are, the elevated tripod stand!


These deployable stands enable you to get a good view of your surroundings while also leaving minimal traces and helping you mask the ever-difficult scent trail that may scare off your nervous quarry! With 360° movement, you may find this tool is one you have no idea how you managed without. The elevated tripod stand comes in two options: the Antoillier Big Brother, which is free for all hunters, and the slightly taller Antoillier Giraffe for owners of the Matariki Park DLC.

The elevated tripod stand is coming with update 1.25, along with the Matariki Park DLC for Way of the Hunter on 6th February!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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