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AD2460 Servers Go Live

AD2460 Servers Go Live

Fifth Season, makers of browser-based scifi MMO Planetarion and football management online game ManagerLeague, have announced that their latest title has gone live.

AD2460 is another browser-based scifi MMO, but designed to work on almost any device with a browser. And unlike Planetarion, all of the information and panels are on one screen, allowing you easier control of your homeworld, as well as showing real-time battles rather than just a summary of numbers.

In AD2460, you have to build up your homeworld and find resources in the wider universe. Using these resources you can construct defences or spacecraft, or funnel it all into research.

Although it is an MMO with an emphasis on player interaction, there are missions you can complete away from the PvP side of things.

You can sign up for free over at their site.

ad2460 screenshot

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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