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Afterparty Update Announced For Skeletal Dance Party

Afterparty Update Announced For Skeletal Dance Party

Catalope Games and No Studio in Particular are kicking off the spooky season with the announcement of a new update for Skeletal Dance Party

Following on from the events of Skeletal Dance Party, in which players help the foxgirl necromancer Reva host the best dance party ever. The new Afterparty update will pick up right after the main story and see Reva face a new challenge - the necromancer Clerie. 

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Determined to take over Reva's new found territory Clerie has unleashed flesh-hungry zombie warriors into the dungeon. With a traditional belief of how magic should be used she is offended by Reva's 'misuse' of magic and is now set on teaching her a lesson. 

Players will need to once again take control of Reva use her magic to summon an army of dancing friends in order to defend their home. 

The Afterparty update for Skeletal Dance Party will be available in sometime in October.

Skeletal Dance Party is available now on Steam, Itch.io, Gamejolt, and Green Man Gaming. To learn more about the title read our review

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