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All of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Teases and How to Watch the Showcase

All of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Teases and How to Watch the Showcase

Gameloft has officially announced the release date for their Disney-inspired cosy title that rivals Animal Crossing — Disney Dreamlight Valley. Alongside this, the team is featuring their first-ever showcase that will feature the first Expansion Pass the game will have, with A Rift in Time! If you want to learn more about that, don't forget to check out our news piece covering it.

Ever since then, the @DisneyDLV X account has been teasing us daily with "reasons to join the showcase" and hype its community to look forward to the 1st of November. Most of the posts feature the same bits of information, so we've gathered them all here... mostly because we're sitting around waiting for the showcase alongside everyone else.

The most notable things that we've gotten to see spread throughout the tweets are some of the characters that we'll get to meet in the coming updates. Though we don't know whether the showcase will focus solely on A Rift in Time or the future of Disney Dreamlight Valley, these posts have officially confirmed the arrival of not one but two fan-favourite characters: A Nightmare Before Christmas' protagonist Jack Skellington and the funniest monster in town, Mike Wazowski.

Mike Wazowski Image

If Gameloft wasn't going to do it to him, we had to. It's tradition.

Alongside the highly anticipated characters, it seems we'll finally get a look at the officially named multiplayer — ValleyVerse, where various players will be able to interact! Though we don't have a lot of information regarding what this will include, the short tweet video confirms that it isn't two-player co-op, but at least four-player co-op, with four characters running side-by-side.

It's obvious to assume that we'll see A Rift in Time with its numerous additions. From new biomes to even a tease of some of the pets you'll be able to tame, you can rest assured that this will show you most of what we'll expect, including the possible announcement for Jafar as the newest main antagonist (replacing the previous antagonist, The Forgotten) joined by Gaston, though whether they'll be allied or not isn't something we know, just the characters that have already been teased.

And, of course, whether you're one of the players upset about the scrapping of the free-to-play model, excited for A Rift in Time, or expecting to play it with only the original core version, you'll want to tune in to the showcase. We'll get to see the newest 2024 roadmap, which previously announced the end of the story, Vanellope von Schweetz, the Beauty and the Beast realm, and even teased A Rift in Time right under our noses. This will feature what will be of the future of Disney Dreamlight Valley for those who intend to pay for upcoming content and those who will stick with the core ones. And finally, you'll get a slew of in-game goodies whilst also watching, so if you're a fan of exclusive content, you might not want to miss this one.

How to watch the Disney Dreamlight Valley showcase?

Disney Dreamlighty Valley A Rift in Time2

You will be able to discover the future of Disney Dreamlight Valley through three different streaming services at 5pm GMT on the 1st of November. You can either watch it from the official Twitchon Youtube, or even on Facebook when the livestream starts!

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