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Arc System Works Announces Studio Trigger Collaboration for Kill La Kill Game

Yes this title says it all, Arc System Works is making a KILL la KILL the GAME, produced and developed by APLUS, the same developers of the Little Witch Academia game Chamber of Time. Whilst the video linked is Japanese, it feature's Mako's Japanese voice actor/seiyuu cheering Ryuko on and that the game is being developed.

Whilst no details have been given other than 2019, 1-2 players and KLK Battle Action as genre. More info is supposed to be announced at Anime Expo 2018 which is happening on July 5th - 8th in Los Angeles. So more information is being given relatively quickly, hopefully a look into how the game will play out. Some small screenshots of the game can be seen on their website (Link).

As a quick aside, during an interview I did with Katsuhiro Takei and Yosuke Futami (Link) I brought up the idea of doing a Kill La Kill game, with Futami-San saying he'd consider it. That aside, let's hope we get to see a full character roster of the main cast.

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