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ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Overview Trailer & Release Information

The highly anticipated release of ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON is finally here! Releasing to Very Positive on Steam with over 15,000 reviews, this new Bandai release has been received with praise.

This new entry into the ARMORED CORE franchise comes with some new changes to the overall gameplay style. Developer FromSoftware took note of their previously successful releases — ELDEN RING, DARK SOULS, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — and have changed the game to be a bit harder.


On a brand-new Overview trailer, we get a look at various elements of the new title, including the Story elements where you embark on a quest to Rubicon 3 to engage in a war over a new resource named "Coral" as the pilot driver of an Armored Core. Also included is the immersive omnidirectional combat whilst on the mech, where you can customise, assemble, and change the way you fight through the various levels, where you will fight to get S on the missions for completion.

Learn more about the brand-new FromSoftware and Bandai Namco release by watching the trailer! The game is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC!

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Artura Dawn

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Thejakman - 07:16am, 29th August 2023

You had me at Suit Up!