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Autonaut's Free 'Industrial Revolution' Expansion Out Now

The next free content update, Industrial Revolution, is out now for Autonauts on PC. As the name suggests, the additions to the game put a focus on coal powered machinery and the production of complex, automated railway networks. In addition to this, Steam Workshop support brings user-created scripts, upgrades, buildings and more to the experience. Check out the trailer above for a closer look. 

Autonauts tasks players, and their fleet of programmable robot allies, with colonising hostile alien worlds. Build a community from scratch and learn to designate the mundane day-to-day tasks to the upgradeable robot workers while the settlement grows larger and larger.

Here's what to expect in the Industrial Revolution update:

  • Steam Workshop Support - Custom user-generated upgrades, buildings, scripts and more.
  • Train Networks - Complex railway networks with 20 new buildings and four new vehicle types. Crucial for expanding colonies further than ever before.
  • New Colonist Types - Health and education colonist types to enrich players' flourishing societies.
  • New Tools & Upgrades: Steam Hammer; Jacquard Power Loom; Super Backpack to store more items; Memory Upgrade so bots can perform more advanced routines; Printing Press and Paper Mill.
  • New Housing: Two-Storey Brick House and Mansion.
  • New Clothing Items: Shirt and Tie; Coat and Scarf; Blazer and Cravat.
  • New Toys: Horse and Carriage; Dollhouse.

To celebrate the release of the update, Autonauts has received a limited-time 30% discount on Steam.

The Industrial Revolution update for Autonauts is out now for PC via Steam.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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