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Battle Bands Rocks It's Way To Version 1.0 with a Killer Launch Trailer!

One may think that combining the hectic skill of playing an instrument with the more tactical and slow elements of card battlers would be a match made in Hades. Aerie DIgital, however, would like to differ with their title, Battle Bands: Rock & Roll Deckbuilder, now fully released with version 1.0!

In the game, you start off by picking your instrument, be it the ever-reliable guitar, the energetic and violent drums, or even the often-shunned bass! From there, you create your custom deck of unique cards with different skills and effects, ready to take on the competition with your customizable bandmates and loyal van. 

Take on the world in the Tour Mode, either alone or with up to three friends or take part in a massive battle of the bands in Royale Mode. With zero micro-transactions, you are all on the same baseline!

In addition to the content available in early access, version 1.0 adds some new notes to this lovely melody: A new event, Metal Moon Rising, can now be experienced, in addition to the third backstage pass bursting with cosmetic goodies! Finally, players can take on themselves at their peak in Shadow Band Reign. So what are you waiting for? Get that band back together and get touring!

Battle Bands version 1.0 is available now on Steam!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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