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Battlefield 2042 Announces New Event: The Arkangel Directive & Trailer

Get ready for a new seasonal event for Battlefield 2042.

Named The Arkangel Directive, the event throws players into the Arkangel Legion — a formidable and elite faction. With new objectives and a fresh game mode called Control, players are tasked with fighting their way through the map in an attempt to be the first ones to lay hands on valuable information. Get to the data first, whether by force or by brains, sync it to the Arkangel Satellite, and you'll push your team closer to being the victor.

Prizes include new gear, skins, and more; all special to the time-locked event.

You’ll have fourteen days to take up the mantle yourself. Battlefield 2042: The Arkangel Directive will run from the 11th of July to the 25th of July.

Tina Vatore

Tina Vatore

Staff Writer

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