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Beyond Contact Out of Early Access

Beyond Contact, the open-world survival craft title developed by Playcorp Studios and Deep Silver, has now left its Early Access state behind and has launched into Version 1.0!

With this new update, the game is now feature-complete, including a large research and crafting system that you'll use to survive hostile environments, create new tools, weapons, gadgets, and even structures to shape your gameplay to your benefit. Additionally, explore the strange new world with building, farming, and other mechanics that you'll be able to use to explore and discover new flora and fauna in the world.

Featured in the trailer, you can see co-op functionality, the friendly A.I. companion, and even a strange race to meet and interact with. Can you survive a new world that has sciences akin to magic?

Beyond Contact Version 1.0 Out Now Leaving Early Access

Although Version 1.0 marks the ending of a new era for Beyond Contact, it doesn't mean that content updated will not continue coming. Chris Mosely, the CEO of Playcorp Studios, reveals that the team are thrilled for the release but hope to continue bringing new and exciting experiences to Beyond Contact's fans, both new and old!

Survive in an alien planet with Beyond Contact's official release! Do you have what it takes to survive Version 1.0?

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