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Big Portal Knights Update v0.8.0 Hits

Big Portal Knights Update v0.8.0 Hits

The latest big update to Portal Knights has hit, bringing with it a host of fixes, changes and additions.

In case you're not familiar, Portal Knights sees you traveling across procedurally generated islands on a quest to reunite the shattered realms. During your quest you will have to fight, mine and craft as you level up to take on the tougher enemies of the next islands.

Here's the list of new additions to the game, including the limited-time Spring Event:

- The Spring Event is available now with lots of new items, enemies and quests.
- A new enemy invasion event has been added.
- The whole talent tree for all three classes has been reworked. Lots of new talents have been added. Talents have visual and sound effects now. All players need to choose their talents anew due to this change.
- Warriors can craft throwing axes now.
- The Arcane Mirror has been added to the game. It allows fast travel between the home island and the last island the player was on.
- Most weapons and armour sets now have level and/or class requirements. Players who don’t fulfill these requirements will not be able to use these items effectively.
- Text-chat has a history now.
- Added support for Thai and Czech.

You can see what has been fixed on the Steam Community page.

Portal Knights is due out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 28th April, but is available in Early Access on PC now.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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