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Black Desert - Nova's Awakening and Succession Skills Available on Console

Pearl Abyss, developer of Black Desert Online, has released the Awakening and Succession skills for the new Nova class on consoles. Accessible for players level 56 and up, the skills can be unlocked by completing a special questline from the Black Spirit. Get a glimpse of the skills in action in the gameplay trailer above.

Awakening Skills

  • Royal Fencing: Remise - Short and deadly thrusts of Sting.
  • Comet - Fly forward with Sting and pierce an enemy.
  • Starfall - Deal colossal damage with countless blades of light.
  • Star's Ring - Summon a damage-dealing star with its own gravitational field by swinging the scythe around three times.

Succession skills

  • Prime: King of the Dead - Nova sacrifices their HP and Thornwood Guards to summon Axian, King of the Dead.
  • Prime: Entangling Icy Thorns - Summon a circle of icy thorns to ensnare enemies. From there, Axian emerges to attack the entrapped foes.
  • Prime: Fianchetto - Throw a morning star and rip it up from the ground, sending enemies flying. As always, Axian emerges to deal damage to the airborne aggressors.
  • Prime: Icy Prison - Nova commands pure destruction to Axian.
  • Axian - Channel the chill of the underworld to freeze enemies where they stand.

The Awakening and Succession skills for Nova are available now in Black Desert Online on console.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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