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Black Desert Online To Receive Massive Content Drop

Pearl Abyss have revealed a number of new updates and content coming to their award-winning action MMORPG Black Desert Online.

The free update adds multiple new abilities, as well as Succession, Awakening and new powerful weapons for various existing characters. The update also kicks off with a series of new dynamic in-game events and rewards.

This update is now live, and Black Desert Online is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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Delicious Bacon
Delicious Bacon - 02:49pm, 25th November 2020

One thing bothered me with BDO as soon as I got into the game—it's got beautiful and vast world that has no depth to it. Scenery around the map is just for the looks, not serving any purpose other than looking at it, but for how long can that be satisfying?

There are hills, caves, ponds, fields and even oceans of bland or empty content that serves the players only to use the auto-travel and travel over it to reach villages or cities around the world and find content in those small areas (fetch and mindless slay quests).

And then there's the gambling progression (and regression) type which is an overkill.

BDO was one of the biggest disappointments for me.

As for new content—no matter how much they add, they will still lack, because the world is too big and they can't populate everything.