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Blitzkrieg 3 Goes Steam Early Access

Nival has released Blitzkrieg 3, their upcoming WWII real-time strategy offering, on Steam Early Access to 'directly contact with strategy gaming fans to collect valuable feedback on gameplay features', with the full release expected to come in Fall 2015, according to the statement on their Steam product page. The game was previewed earlier this year as well.

ss 3b0a0fffbddc6bbb926a3f3c86702ee97dee508d.600x338ss 0361242aa4e2e4f097545eee3df7de2329fe26b7.600x338Blitzkrieg 3 Early Access currently features a 'fully-functional multiplayer game mode with certain restrictions in the progress, and one of single-player historical missions, which gives a good overview of how our single-player campaign will looks like'.

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The full version will include:

  • Epic single-player campaign, covering the entire period of World War II - from 1939 to 1945. All three game factions will be available and playable during the campaign
  • In-game Generals, significantly affecting your tactics. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, so the right choice for your army commander will be crucial.
  • Daily quests – with additional rewards for their completion.
  • Social features - in-game chat, leaderboards and the opportunity to share your achievements with friends.
  • New maps, available at different base development levels.
  • New game modes

 The Deluxe Edition will feature the following perks compared to the full version:

  • Exclusive historical generals including Konstantin Rokossovsky, Erich von Manstein and Bernard L. Montgomery, each containing unique in-game abilities
  • Unique in-game tanks, replacing standard models in the players army: Reinforced Т-34-76, modified Sherman tank and Panther M10
  • In-game rewards - “silver plated nickname” (In the in-game chat, your name will be highlighted in silver, accentuating your status as a Blitzkrieg 3 special edition holder), and silver “Statue of Leader” which will adorn your base (different for each faction)
  • An additional single-player mission featuring the Heavy Gustaf – the largest railway gun of World War II

The Blitzkrieg 3 Steam Early Access is available on Windows PC only.

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