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Blizzard Release April Fools Archive

Blizzard Release April Fools Archive

Blizzard has always gone above and beyond on April Fools day. This year's effort was no less spectacular than usual with fans being treated to a website devoted to Blizzard Outcasts, a new fighting game staring your favourite unloved characters, some unique patch notes and the Flappy Bird inspired Happy Reaper amongst others. The full list of gags can be found here.

Blizzards effort was impressive enough to earn them the number one spot in our Top Ten April Fools Jokes. However this is far from the first time Blizzard has released some awesome gags. The most memorable of which for many long term Blizzard fans is the 2002 gag, Pandarens are now a playable race. Yes the Pandarens of the most recent World of Warcraft expansion really did start off life as a joke. Fans loved the idea so much that 10 years on this "joke" became real.

Blizzard has celebrated this year by releasing this archive of all past jokes, including the Pandarens. Now everyone can behold the beauty of some of Blizzards finest gags including Crabby The Dungeon Helper, The Dance Battle System and the Molten Core Console Game.


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Helen Ashcroft

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