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Borderlands 3 to have Innovated Twitch Extension

Borderlands 3 to have Innovated Twitch Extension

Big fan of Borderlands and Twitch? Gearbox and 2K have you in mind. A few days back they announced an extension for Borderlands 3 that would be specifically for Twitch "featuring never before attempted functionality" according to the press release. Gearbox and 2K are aiming to boost interactivity between streamers and viewers with this extension, and it sounds like they have a pretty decent plan.

boarderlands3 vaulthunter

Through this new extension, Twitch viewers will be able to: look through the streamer's loadouts, explore their backpacks, and "even poke around their skill trees". Almost like being able to see the stats of any player in a game of football by just googling, this gives in depth access to what the Twitch streamer is doing in game and what loudouts and skills they find most useful. This isn't all, though, as on top of this, viewers will be able to gain special look chests through the stream.

How's that possible? Through opting in to events that will kick off when a streamer finds a special loot chest. Viewers could find themselves gaining some rare loot through these "Rare Chest Events" by gaining a copy of one of the items found in the streamer's loot chest. Included in these chests can be anything from guns, shields, and even grenade mods, and all the viewer had to do was watch!

boarderlands3 backtoback

This extension is available right now, and will be more than ready to go by the time Borderlands 3 releases the 13th of September. For instructions on how to install the extension as well as a step by step demonstration narrated by Claptrap himself, visit: https://borderlands.com/en-US/news/2...meplay-reveal/.

What do you think about this new extension, will you use it?


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