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Brawlhalla Developer Blue Mammoth Acquired by Ubisoft

Brawlhalla Developer Blue Mammoth Acquired by Ubisoft

Blue Mammoth have announced through a blog post that they've joined forces with Ubisoft. Due to their growth over the last few years, from 2014's Early Access to last year's full release, the Brawlhalla developer felt the time was right to find a partner to take them to the next level.

However they did it, they managed to snag the Assassin's Creed/Far Cry/Rayman publisher Ubisoft.

The list of ways this is good for Brawlhalla is so long, I literally don’t know where to start. We have some power in our corner now; we’re now backed by a big ten publisher known for many of the best and most creative games out there.

So, what does this mean for Brawlhalla? Only good things. Blue Mammoth will continue to run the game just as we always have. The studio will grow (slowly, we don’t want to mess up the good thing we have here by growing too fast.) We will have more stability and more resources to improve the game and add new features (including some long overdue). We will get opportunities to raise Brawlhalla’s profile among gamers. And we’ll be able to confidently share a roadmap with you for the next years of Brawlhalla development.

One thing goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: We’ve worked very hard over the last three years to earn your trust that Brawlhalla will be always free to play and never pay to win. None of that will ever change. Ubisoft shares that philosophy, and that’s another reason we agreed to this partnership.

It's always good when an indie dev makes it big, and at least they didn't go with EA, who last year managed to acquire one studio while simultaneously shutting another one down.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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