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Bug & Seek is Spreading Wings on the Nintendo Switch!

Bug & Seek is Spreading Wings on the Nintendo Switch!

With Summer being in full swing (aka the rain is less cold), the many flying, scuttling, and buzzing insects of the world show their faces and sing their songs for better or worse. If you've been curious about catching these often fascinating creatures, but can't quite get over being close to them, you may now be able to do so from the comfort of your own home and even while commuting or travelling, as Bug & Seek has released on the Nintendo Switch!

Take your relaxing bug-catching adventures with you wherever you go and fill those empty moments with a few rounds through the verdant areas of Buggburg. Who knows, you may even learn to recognise a few insects and some fun facts to dazzle your local entomologist!

Bug & Seek is available now in the Nintendo Store. Act fast and you may even be able to snag it on a 15% discount, which is running until 21th June!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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