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Cardaclysm Launches on Early Access

Can't get enough collectible card games for your Steam library? Here's one more to sate your virtual cardboard-appetite: Cardaclysm, developed by Elder Games. Like many others, this is a randomly-generated CCG that's launched on Steam Early Access. The developer is calling on input from the growing player base to help assist with the game's direction as development continues; it's taking feedback on Steam, Twitter and Discord. Check out the Early Access Launch Trailer above, and read on to find out more about Cardaclysm.

Boasting over 200 cards, five unique factions and 40 game-changing Artifacts for your hero to equip, there's already a lot of content to sink your teeth into with Cardaclysm. Plus, five bosses to fight, challenges to complete and randomly generated worlds bulk out the content on offer even further.  Set in a world of magic and mysticism, players take on the role of dark wizard who inadvertently unleashes the four horsemen of the apocalypse into the world. Having made the mess, he—naturally—must clean it up. The gameplay fuses CCG tropes with action RPG elements in a unique take on both genres. Collectible card games may be ten-a-penny, but this one looks to bring something new to the (card) table.

Cardaclysm is out now on Steam Early Access with details of its full release to be revealed in the future. 

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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