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CARRION to Feature Original Soundtrack by Cris Velasco

With body parts and viscera flying in mesmerising flurry of red mist, Materia Collective's upcoming "reverse-horror game" CARRION is hard to tear your eyes away from. Now, it'll hard to tear your ears away from too with the announcement of a 25-track original soundtrack by prolific composer Cris Velasco. 

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Having composed the soundtracks for titles like Bloodborne, Resident Evil 7 and God of War III, Velasco is known for elevating moments of intense carnage with his musical stylings. In CARRION, players take control of a horrific shapeless monster as they tear apart a facility and its human inhabitants. 

Velasco discusses his soundtrack, saying that "the score is the monster's inner dialogue. It should fill you with dread, helplessness, and the feeling that an unknowable malevolent entity could take you at any moment".  

CARRION releases on PC 23rd July.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

Raised on a steady diet of violent shooters and sugary cereal. He regrets no part of this

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