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Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

It's been five years since Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation arrived on Steam, so that means they've kicked off the 5th Year Anniversary~The Beginning of New Days~ festival!

The Venuses have been provided with goddess-themed swimsuits to wear for the 5th Year Anniversary. The girls spend this special day reflecting on all the fun memories made and discussing their aspirations for the future. As the anniversary party kicks off, the Venuses' "new days" begin...

doaxvv 5th Year Anniversary Campaign logo2

As the name would suggest, it's party time! There are daily event missions, free Gacha draws, and special Anniversary Boxes!

The Trendy Gacha has been replaced by the Anniversary Outfit Gacha 1 & 2, which will give you the Dea Marina for most of the girls.

Dea Marina Kasumi

Dea Marina Nagisa

And there is also the 3rd Anniversary Nostalgia Gacha with Étoile Briller for a bunch of the team.

Etoile Briller KasumiEtoile Briller Sayuri

The 5th Year Anniversary~The Beginning of New Days~ festival will run until 17th of April 2023.

If you want to participate in this festival, unfortunately Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is still only available in certain regions via Steam, and digital download in Japan.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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