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Check Out Skater XL's Upcoming 'Easy Day High School' Map

Most people don't fantasise about their 'dream high schools'. The folks at Easy Day Studios Pty, however, aren't "most people"—they're skating fanatics. In the run-up to the studio's upcoming title, Skater XL, Easy Day studios has released a trailer showcasing the map 'Easy Day High School', an education-themed skating Mecca. Check out the trailer above and keep an eye out for Skater XL when it releases 28th July for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.


Easy Day High School combines features of 20 real-life, school-based Californian skate spots into one semi-fictional, semi-non-fictional location. The skate spots have been "strategically integrated" around the map to make for optimal skate lines and trick opportunities. The "Wallenberg Big 4", "Clipper Ledge" and "Leap of Faith"—iconic Californian skate locations—make up some of Easy Day High School's key spots. 

Skater XL's eye for authenticity is reflected with this map. In the same vein as EA's beloved (and long-dormant) Skate franchise, pulling off tricks in Skater XL is tough, but oh-so rewarding.

Skater XL releases 28th July for PlayStation 4, Xbox One PC and Switch.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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