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Chroma Squad Change Log v1.04

Chroma Squad Change Log v1.04

If you've found the harder difficulties in Chroma Squad a bit off, you're not alone. And good news — they're released a patch mainly addressing this issue!

For the full patch notes, read below:


- Steam Cloud activated;
- “Choose Difficulty Level” added to Settings screen (Lowest Difficulty used during campaign is considered when giving achievements);
- Updated Difficulty descriptions to better reflect the actual experience;


- "Interesting" difficulty Damage Multiplier increased from 0.9 to 1.1;
- "Interesting" difficulty Kaiju Damage Multiplier increased from 0.8 to 1.1;
- "Challenging" difficulty Kaiju Damage Multiplier increased from 1 to 1.25;
- Zombie audience value decreased from 75 to 50;
- Techie: Gadget Geek activates only once per turn;
- Driver mode buff won't stack anymore;
- Hard limit on Dodge 95%, hard limit on Critical 100%, hard limit on Counter 100%;
- Mecha Hit Chance keeps dropping even after Combo 8;

- Rifle attack range decreased from 7 to 5;

Mecha Items:

We had to rearrange a few skills from the Mecha Items to make the experience smoother for new players. We apologize in advance for the unexpected skill changes in your current Mecha loadout.
- To-Hit chance passive bonuses on Mecha Arm items decreased by 20% across the board;
- "Colored Box of Justice" now provides the "Super Shield" skill from level 2 onwards;
- "Shield Shell" now provides a big passive Defense bonus instead of "Super Shield";
- "True Striker" now provides the "Precision Strike" skill from level 2 onwards;
- "Precise Puncher" now provides a big passive Hit Chance skill instead of "Precision Strike";

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed Techie’s “Multishot” freezing the episode when attacking objects like mines, sprouts and portals;
- Fixed a bug in the Counter attack probability;
- Fixed a bug when counter attacking a counter attack where one of the characters would die in the sequence of attacks. This sometimes freezed the episode;
- Fixed camera crew animation on Dead End map;
- Fixed an issue where some Villain X single-target attacks were not Dodge-able;
- Fixed an issue where Ironing Man's attacks were not Dodge-able;
- Fixed achievements: "Fully Decked Out", "Can We Afford This?" and "Going Fancy". (These will work retroactively as you open the Upgrade Window);
- Fixed achievements: "With All My Heart" and "Don't Ever Forget". (These will work retroactively as you load a game that completed any episode on Season 5 on the correct story paths;
- Fixed "Fan Favorite"'s description and achievement;
- Fix on Mecha Combo Zoom;
- Fixed helmet sprite on lead being wrong when equipping Crafted Spears;
- Fixed on several Localization issues;

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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