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Chroma Squad Now Has Partial Controller Support

Chroma Squad Now Has Partial Controller Support

Behold Studios have released a patch for Chroma Squad, fixing many bugs and adding in partial controller support.

In the announcement posted to Steam, they state that Chroma Squad has had 50,000 downloads since the release in April, and boasts a 97% positive Steam user ratings score.

- Now in Unity 5! Everything working smoothly \o/
- Hid mouse cursor when not in players round and character is acting
- Fixed same character appearing on studio's background
- Fixed invisibility attack bonus
- Fixed unwanted white cells staying in the scene
- Health percentage on HUD
- Better feedback for fast forwarding
- Performance Optimization and better Loading time
- Removed fps hiccup when creating a new game
- Load balloon texts on loading screen, improved loading time and reduce hiccups during episode
- Localization fixed and updated
- Touch Input improvements
- Fixed problem on missing buttons for Mobile (touch based input)
- Removed resolutions configs in Settings Screen for Mobile platforms
Joystick support (fixes in beta version)
- Questions dialog fixed for Joystick input
- Joystick sensitivity increased a little bit
- Cancel Skill by choosing Joystick Back button
- Hide cursor with joystick when on Story Mode
- Any joystick button pressed skips Cinematics
- Challenge Screen before combat also has joystick input now
- In-Combat Menu button hidden for joystick input
- Fix bug when closing popup Menu with joystick, that made the cursor disappear in battle

The patch is live now, and Steam should automatically update it.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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