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Chrono Trigger Update Now Available on Steam

Chrono Trigger Update Now Available on Steam

After releasing on Steam over a month ago, Chrono Trigger has gotten an update on Steam that addresses a number of fan complaints. 

To those of you who are unaware, the Steam release of Chrono Trigger was sadly a bit of a let down for fans as it turned out to be nothing more than a release of the mobile version. Now though Square Enix have released a patch that addressed a number of complaints include changes to the titles graphics settings.

You can read the full patch notes below. 

Chrono Trigger is available on Steam now. 

Patch Notes

  • Character sprites and background graphics adjusted to be more in-line with the original style of Chrono Trigger. This can be selected from the menu as “Original” graphics, and is the new default selection.
  • The font has been updated to give the game a more classic look.
  • Text which did not match the game experience on PC has been revised, and a large number of other text issues have been corrected.
  • Fixed the way the word “TRIGGER” is displayed as it floats in on the title screen.
  • Adjusted the order of the demo video and animated opening sequence from the title screen to be more in-line with previous versions of the game.
  • The background gradient of each text window has been adjusted to make it darker towards the bottom.


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