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Citadel: Forged With Fire Gets Big Second Update

It may have launched only a week ago, but Citadel: Forged with Fire has received a weighty second update along with the usual bugfixes. The highlights of the magic-based MMO are above, but we have more details below:

Infernal Dragon: A towering nightmare of jagged fangs, spiraling horns and dense, rippling muscle, this beast must be approached with extreme caution.
*Once engaged, he will put up a long hard fight, where bringing your allies and the right provisions could be necessary for victory. Those who conquer this mighty beast will be rewarded with a bounty of rare and valuable crafting resources.
Wild Boar: It may appear as a simple beast of burden, however, it is quite dangerous and aggressive and can lash out at perceived threats – newly minted wizards beware.
Skeleton Warriors: Woken from a millennium of slumber, these bony fighters are fast attackers who aim to catch their opponents off guard and attack by clawing and biting! They travel in groups and can easily surround you if you let them get too close!
Optimizations: Important changes have been implemented to improve performance and provide stability to populated servers up to ten times better. Custom distance culler has been created to combat these issues.
Telekinesis Update: Telekinesis is no longer usable with PvE structures, or any structure that has been claimed by a throne!
Spell Improvements: No more rapid weapon swaps, this will make PVP fights challenging as they should be. Added ranges to many of the game’s spells, which in turn creates better server performance and gameplay.
Decay Modifiers for Private Servers: Your server, your rules! New decay system will reduce strain on the artificial servers, and will ensure that private server owners have the flexibility to opt out.
Much More!: Lots of small tweaks, fixes and improvements making for an enjoyable gaming experience.


Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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