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Civilization Beyond Earth Announced

This Autumn, Linux, Mac and Windows gamers will be able to pick up Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth that will take the strategy game beyond the confines of its home turf to an alien world that players will colonize and where they will forge a new future of humanity.

In a return to the familiar Alpha Centauri territory the game has the player moving away from the Earth, into space and the future.

"I find that that's where the game really comes to life for me, Tech is really the engine of a Civ experience, the thing that drives you through the history. In this one, it's the first and best way you tell the story of what happens to us next. Starting from things you might recognize, like physics, biology and space flight, and going forward into things that are crossing the line into science fiction, that are wild and imaginary, strange and mysterious.

Getting to sculpt that entire story — that entire experience — and lay the foundation that the player is going to walk through the whole game has something that I've been very excited working on and very committed to getting right, getting to feel right.

Lead designer David McDonough


Christian Wootton

Christian Wootton

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