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Civilization: Beyond Earth to Get a New Expansion Rising Tide

Civilization: Beyond Earth to Get a New Expansion Rising Tide

Firaxis Games and 2K announced on May 18th, 2015 that a new expansion will be coming for Civilization: Beyond Earth. Announced as Rising Tide, the new expansion is currently scheduled to be released in fall 2015.

Rising Tide promises new features including aquatic gameplay along and an overhauled diplomacy system. The intentions of the aquatic  changes is to expand the play space of the game through new interactions possible with the oceans. Changes in diplomacy will hopefully promote other forms of victory other than simply domination.

Through the release of Rising Tide, Civilization: Beyond Earth will hopefully get an identity of it's own. Being tired of its reputation as the space clone of Civilization V: A Brave New World, Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide attempts to break away from this stigma and breath new life into the series.



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