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Classic Sci-Fi Platformer Flashback Coming To Mobile Devices This Summer

Indie video game publisher SFL Interactive together with veteran game creator Paul Cuisset announced today that Flashback, the iconic and award-winning action adventure game from 1992, is being remastered for mobile platforms on the App Store and Google Play this Summer.

Flashback is the original trailblazing sci-fi game that puts players in the role of Conrad, a scientist suffering from amnesia while being pursued by hostile forces on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. As one of the original cinematic platform games, itK combines classic puzzle-platformer mechanics with beautiful rotoscope animation. The game has received many awards since its launch including a Guinness Book World Record and remains a reference and an inspiration source for narrative-focused videogames.

No firm release date has been set, but you can expect Flashback to arrive on the App Store and Google Play "this Summer."

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Andrew Wowk

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