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Contraband Police Launches on PC

Crazy Rocks and publisher PlayWay have officially launched open-world action game Contraband Police on PC via Steam. This genre-blending title will definitely remind you of Papers, Please with its border control setting and document control gameplay, and if you’re looking for a dynamic, engaging title to add to your game library be sure to watch Contraband’s new launch trailer above to see if this one is for you.

Set in the year 1981, players take on the role of a young officer trainee assigned to work at a border post that regulates entry into the Acarist People’s Republic. You must inspect every visitor’s documents, refusing anyone who has errors or discrepancies in their papers. Then there’s the titular contraband you'll find as you inspect suspicious drivers and search their vehicles using the UV flashlight as well as other tools. Shootouts, police chases, and other emergencies will inject bursts of action as you defend the station. And that’s not all! Be ready to solve crime puzzles, thwart Blood Fist rebels, and make decisions that will determine the future of Acaristan.

In a recently posted Steam announcement celebrating the game's launch, the Crazy Rocks team revealed that further features are being planned for the game, including an Inspector Mode with additional side missions. The team is also open to hearing ideas from the playerbase about what they'd like to see for Contraband Police going forward. 

Contraband Police is available to play now on PC via Steam.

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

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Vítor - 11:58am, 2nd April 2023


Om - 12:54pm, 9th April 2023

I think this game launch on mobile