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Control's Free "Expeditions" Update is Available Now

The Game Awards 2019 saw the release of Control's second free update, Expeditions Mode. The bonus mode is unlocked upon completion of the "My Brother's Keeper" mission and is accessed by putting a craftable token into a "mysterious" jukebox (one of the game's Objects of Power). Once the jukebox starts playing, Jesse will be transported to an otherworldly dimension known as "The Formation".

Access to The Formation is limited; in the short 25 minutes allotted, players must navigate a labyrinthine environment while solving puzzles and fending off unrelenting waves of Hiss enemies. Success means rewards for the player and higher difficulties yield even more lucrative rewards. The three difficulty levels affect the overall challenge of the mode (obviously) and also increase the amount of modifiers active in The Formation: weapon damage might be increased, supernatural abilities might be less effective or weapon cooldowns could be reduced.

Check out the trailer for the bonus mode above, which also teases the release of Control's first paid DLC, The Foundation: set to release 26th March 2020.

Control's Expeditions update is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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