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Crash Into High-Octane Action with Danger Zone 2

A follow-up to the successful crash-em-up and Burnout successor Danger Zone was recently released by indie developer Three Fields Entertainment. The original title challenged players to literally create the most exciting, over-the-top crash they can and Danger Zone 2 promises more of the same...and more to boot.

“We took all that our fans loved in the first Danger Zone game and made Danger Zone 2 even better,” said said Fiona Sperry, Founder and CEO of Three Fields Entertainment. “With real-time physics, spectacular crashes and other improvements, we are extremely proud that we’ve created such a smash-up-fun racing experience for our players.”

Danger Zone 2 is available now for XBox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. You can find out more information about the title by visiting the official website here. Also, check out Game Grin's take on the original title in our Danger Zone review here.

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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