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Cult of the Lamb Indulged the Meme and Added Sex in the New Free Content Update Sins of the Flesh and Much More with New Launch Trailer

Massive Monster and Devolver Digital have done the impossible and have indulged the age-old meme of posting "Add Sex" to pretty much any game imaginable on Steam. The newest Sins of the Flesh major content update in Cult of the Lamb is a free expansion on the core game for everyone to enjoy!

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about everything that's available... the first of which is the newly added "sex". The Mating Tent is the highly requested feature, where when two Followers of the Lamb love each other very much... well, they enter a tent, and they find an egg. After a while, a new follower will hatch, though each egg has a rare chance of being a Golden Egg, which will hatch something special (and unspecified!).

Lust isn't the only sin joining Cult of the Lamb, however — you can now turn your followers to the sinful path! After defeating three Bishops, you can perform a Sermon, a Doctrine, or a Ritual in order to unlock all of the new content!

image 2024 01 17 133103456

While your Followers can mate at will without needing to join the sinful path, once you do, you'll unlock a slew of gluttonous rituals, vain buildings, and eight new doctrines centred around wrath. As you do rituals or build structures, your followers will generate the new Sin resource, which you can use for a slew of benefits, like upgrading the Temple, entirely removing the cooldown on purgatory, creating brand-new structures for your cult, and even re-indoctrinating your Followers!

There are three new Rituals added to fit some of the sin themes: the Rite of Lust (you can... uh... guess what that one is), the Rite of Wrath, and the Gluttony of Cannibals. However, if your Followers start sinning too much, you'll need to perform the Sinner's Pride, sacrificing one Follower and absolving the rest of their Sin... for a while until the Lamb demands more of it for shinier structures.

Though this major content update is named Sins of the Flesh, it's worth noting that not all changes are focused on this specific theme! The levelling system for the Follower progression has been revamped with The Inner Circle of True Believers, which can be given to your most loyal and devout cultists! This will allow them to gain the Faith Traith, which can stop dissenting Followers once a day, and they'll generate more Devotion than all of the other followers!

image 2024 01 17 133448461

Structure-wise, there is a lot going on in Sins of the Flesh. Not only has the cult grounds gotten bigger (meaning you can decorate even more), but the new The Drinkhouse (generating Sin) is becoming Befuddled, which will make them oh so merry!... and violent, pukey, and just overall make sure they have a jolly good time.

Cultists also need to dress up for the occasion (aside from when performing the Rite of Lust, where everyone gets naked and dances in a circle, but that's beside the point), so you can now change their outfits, too! New Follower fashion has been added with the newest Tailor building, giving you access to change their style from 23 different choices — some of which you'll find in a new room on your crusades! 

The Tailor isn't the only cosmetic-oriented change in Sins of the Flesh, though, as new Follower Skins have been added (the Lemur, Caterpillar, Seal, Snake, Worm, and a Shaggy Dog) alongside a total of 16 new traits for your followers, centred around the new content! From their capability of mating to their Sin generation and even base-game content like Jerk and Hot Tempered, there is a lot more going on with Followers.

And finally, closing off the four new buildings you'll be able to create is the Drum Circle — you can choose a Follower to stand at the centre of the bonfire whilst the Lamb plays the drums (with an all-new mini-game). Your chosen Follower will generate Sin, and you'll get more depending on how well you perform at the mini-game!

image 2024 01 17 133032132

The world's narrative and storytelling have gotten bigger, too! There is a lot of lore that you'll be able to uncover (dubbed the Cultverse) with 15 new Lore Tablets you can find in your crusades (one per run). The gameplay storytelling has gotten an upgrade, too, as previously dissenting followers may make an appearance in your crusades who may confront you, and it'll be up to you to decide how you'll respond — mercy or brutality.

The Lamb can now be equipped with the newly added Blunderbuss weapon, which is a powerful, long-range tool that you can use to explore the world and defeat the Bishops (or dissenters, we don't judge). This change should add a bit of more build variety for those who want to try crusades and fight the Bishops with a new loadout!

Lastly, and likely one of the most important changes: poop. There are six new types of poop: Glow Poop, Golden Poop, Rainbow Poop, Devotion Poop, Massive Poop, and Poop pet. Just... a lot of poop.

image 2024 01 17 133150942

There have been many massive changes to Cult of the Lamb, and it's the perfect opportunity to jump back in! From Temple upgrades being added to requested changes & improvements for QoL changes and even new content, Sins of the Flesh is the perfect opportunity to jump back into Cult of the Lamb, especially seeing as this new update is out now! Time to sin.

Sins of the Flesh is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

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