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Cult of the Lamb New Sinful Pack DLC Out Now with Trailer

Massive Monster and Devolver Digital have indulged their loyal cultists with the much-anticipated sex update (really called the Sins of the Flesh free major content update), but giving in to the meme isn't the only thing that Cult of the Lamb did with this release. The fourth DLC for the game is officially out in the form of the Sinful Pack for everyone who wishes to acquire it!

Shown off in a 34-second video on the official Massive Monster YouTube channel, the Sinful Pack is the third cosmetic DLC to release to Cult of the Lamb, offering a slew of new decorations, follower forms, and even outfits all centred around the Sins of the Flesh theme — sin.

Starting off, there are five new Follower forms you can get: the Hammerhead, Ladybug, Tiger, Llama, and Sphynx have been added with the Sinful Pack DLC, meaning you can change your cult and decorate all of the characters accordingly!

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Thanks to the release of the Tailor building in Sins of the Flesh, you can also get six new Follower outfits to decorate your cultists with, which is an all-new content release for the DLC (which previously haven't been able to offer this). The cosmetics are centred around the gluttonous aesthetic fit for monarchs, and given that the theme for this major free content update is sin, what would be more fitting than vanity itself?

It's worth noting that this also comes with an upgrade to anyone who owns either the Heretic Pack or the Cultist Pack (or both!). Two new Tailor outfits have been unlocked per DLC, meaning that you should now be able to find four new Tailor outfits for free if you previously bought the packs.

Your cult grounds will also be able to be decorated with six new base decorations, from flowers to a golden statue of the lamb (because what more could you want aside from a golden statue dedicated to yours truly?). This should go nicely with the slightly upgraded area that you'll be able to decorate, giving you access to even more decoration room (especially since this marks the 21st decoration piece added to the game through DLC).

Cult of the Lamb Sinful Pack Available Now 0 6 screenshot

Finally, much like in the Heretic Pack, there is one new fleece you can acquire for everyone's favourite satanic lamb. Why should the cultists and cult grounds get all of the fun?

The Sinful Pack DLC is out now for everyone to purchase, and the free updates to the Heretic Pack and Cultist Pack should now be reflected in-game as well to anyone who owns them with the two free Tailor outfits added as content.

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