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Cuphead Getting an Animated Netflix Series

Cuphead Getting an Animated Netflix Series

2017’s brutal indie darling Cuphead is coming to Netflix in the form of an animated TV series. The announcement comes in the way of a collaborative effort between Netflix and King Features Syndicate, with the show simply being called “The Cuphead Show!”.

The show will be retaining Cuphead’s iconic 1930’s visual style, with the characters of the game being expanded on through a “character-driven comedy”. The two leads will be Cuphead himself along with his brother Mugman, as they adventure through the Inkwell Isles setting from the game.

This new series has got some notable talent behind it, with Emmy and Annie Award-winning producer Dave Wasson acting as executive producer, and Cosmo Surgeon serving as co-producer.

There’s unfortunately no current release date set for the show, but Cuphead’s DLC pack titled The Delicious Last Course is currently in development and scheduled for a 2020 release.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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