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Curse of the Dead Gods' Latest Content Update - The Serpent's Catacombs

Released in Early Access in March 2020, Passtech Games' dungeon crawling, curse-ridden roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods has seen frequent major content updates, the last of which, The Cursed Temple, released in April. The latest major update, The Serpent's Catacombs, is out now on Steam completely free. Check out the update's launch trailer above and read on for some details of what to expect.


New environments; new traps, including a poison mechanic; six new regular enemies, two Champions and one all-new Boss; and four different Serpent game modes (short, medium, long and hard). Alongside a host of bug fixes and tweaks, this is what players can expect upon downloading The Serpent's Catacombs update, although even more content will be coming to the game in the coming weeks.

The Serpent's Catacombs update is out now completely free for Curse of the Dead Gods on Steam.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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