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Date At Dawn, Fight At Night, Eternights Kicks Off With New Launch Trailer!

Dating sim action game is a combination of genres you don't see every day, but somehow still seems very fitting; is there anything more romantic than a battle for the future? In Studio Sai's Eternights, your city is surrounded by giant walls and most of the population is transformed into malicious, mindless, and bloodthirsty monsters! If that wasn't enough, the world itself is in danger and you lost your arm. Bummer.


Thankfully, your arm is replaced with a replica that grants strange abilities that may enable you to break trough the wall and return everything to how it was! And hey, you may even get your first kiss. The world of Eternights is filled with intense combat, romantic and personal choices, and engaging gameplay with dungeons to explore and lasting friendships (and maybe more) to forge; though, don't get too caught up! Each day only has a set number of hours to spend, so spend them wisely!

Save the world and find true love today! Eternights is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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