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DayZ 1.08 Update Out Now

DayZ 1.08 Update Out Now

DayZ has been released for just over 18 months, and in this time, developers Bohemia Interactive have continued to supply the game with a steady stream of updates. The latest update, version 1.08, brings important fixes and exciting new elements to the game’s post-apocalyptic world.

Among other features, the update adds a new hunting rifle: the "Sporter 22". Alongside this, the Sway and Hold Breath mechanics have been adjusted to make distance shooting a bit easier. New base building improvements focus on the balance-of-destruction of various structures, such as fences, watchtowers, and tent objects, including the addition of the Canopy Tent, Indoor Fireplace (oven), and Direct Cooking Slots (fireplace grill for meat). Additionally, the update comprises general gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and UX improvements.

A full rundown of the patch notes can be found in the changelog by clicking below.

Read the full patch notes
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