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Dead Cells Breaking Barriers Update

Dead Cells has been receiving continuous updates for the four years that it has been available to the general public. The latest of these — named the “Breaking Barriers” update — is centred around breaking barriers (get it) for the less-skilful players that want to participate in the Dead Cells craze!

Breaking Barriers brings accessibility to Dead Cells in numerous areas. These include two new “modes” to ease some runs, along with new gameplay options, input options, video options, and sound options.

One of the two new modes is the “Continue” mode, which will allow players to continue their run at the beginning of each biome, with options to choose between one, three, seven, and infinite lives.

Breaking Barriers Image 2 Dead Cells

The other is the “auto-hit mode”, which will automatically hit foes at a melee range with the primary weapon, allowing players to focus on their secondary weapon and blocks. 

Aside from these two, there are numerous other options available, including:

  • Adjustable trap damage
  • Adjustable enemy damage
  • Adjustable enemy life
  • An option to reveal the entire map
  • Slower parry window
  • Hold to jump
  • Hold to roll
  • Shield toggle option
  • Customisable HUD transparency
  • New menu font
  • Customisable brutality, tactic, and survival colours

And much more!

Also coming to the Breaking Barriers update is eight new weapon reworks and a reduction of the in-game cost for early weapons, allowing players to unlock essential upgrades earlier.

Breaking Barriers Image Update Dead Cells3

Finally, the developers wanted to give a message to the players that don’t need the accessibility options but want more updates to Dead Cells:

“If you’re a Dead Cells player who doesn’t need any of the content that we’re introducing in this update, don’t worry. We have plenty of shiny new things to introduce to Dead Cells this year.”

Read the full patch notes
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