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Dead Cells' First Paid DLC Announced

Motion Twin and Evil Empire’s metroidvania-inspired roguelike, Dead Cells, is no stranger to post-launch updates. The game has consistently seen new content and gameplay improvements since release, including a free expansion: Rise of the Giant earlier this year. Now, for the first time, a paid expansion is coming to Dead Cells, introducing The Bad Seed.

Announced yesterday and set to release early 2020, The Bad Seed will cost $4.99 upon release. Although it’s the first paid DLC for the game, this doesn’t mean that all future content will also cost money; Evil Empire plans on introducing balances, updates and additional content for free at the same pace players have come to expect throughout 2019. The income from paid DLC like this will help fund this continued free support.

The Bad Seed will introduce two new level-types: The Arboretum and The Swamp. Each of the two biomes will being with them a new suite of enemies and challenges to overcome. In addition to these levels, the update will also include a brand-new boss battle, never-before seen weapons (including a double-slot weapon) and a living mushroom companion.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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