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Dead Cells: The Queen and The Sea Trailer

The third paid DLC for the 2018 GOTY Dead Cells offers up the most complete version of the game to date, with a new trailer and big discounts to pull people into the Dead Cells universe.

Those discounts include a great deal for newcomers to the game, setting the price for the base game plus all three DLCs priced at only $21.49 (roughly £16) for two weeks from launch. If you just want to try out the base game for now that has been slashed by 50% down to half price, with a DLC bundle that includes all three being priced at $9.99 for two weeks from launch.

On the 6th of January Motion Twin and Evil Empire announced that the latest DLC, titled “The Queen and The Sea” was now live and deadly across any platform you wanted to play on. The spectacularly animated trailer builds the excitement for not only the biggest DLC brought to Dead Cells but sets the stage for The Queen and The Sea to wrap up the journey that has been ongoing since the first paid DLC. Along with the climax of the DLC story, the players are introduced to two new Biomes: The Infested Shipwreck and The Lighthouse that will offer new challenges and formidable foes.

The first of these Biomes, The Infested Shipwreck has you traversing through a rotten shipwreck that is filled to the brim with haunting horrors around every corner in the old vessel. The second Biome, The Lighthouse gives the player a level of verticality not before seen in Dead Cells. Players will find themselves in a soaring tower that players must clamber up as fast as possible in an attempt to not get burned to a crisp by the ever rising flames coming from below (needless to mention the countless deadly warriors eager to end your run as you go).

Don’t worry though, you won’t have to suffer through these new Biomes on your own. The Dead Cells overlords have seen fit to lighten your burden with the introduction of a brand new pet. This evolving companion called the Leghugger can be summoned at will who feeds on your enemies, making it grow bigger and stronger until it transforms into its adult form, which to be honest is pretty cool! Terrifying for your enemies, but cool for us. Of course there are other new weapons at your arsenal in The Queen and The Sea, weapons life a new Hand Hook that can launch enemies into walls. The Abyssal Trident, which is a secret weapon hidden down in the depths of the shipwrecks and can be obtained through a secret side quest. Lastly we have The Queen’s Rapier: a powerful sword that slices through the fabric of reality, plus you’ll get tons of new outfits and secrets to uncover, and before you ask, yes, you can now throw a living shark at enemies in Dead Cells.

Now you know where you’ll go, and the weapons that you’ll have at your disposal, it’s time to hear about who you’ll be facing. Introducing the powerful boss of this DLC, without further ado, please meet The Queen. An all-new and surprisingly elegant character, she is unlike anything else seen previously in Dead Cells. The Queen is smart, she changes her tactics and reacts to your individual combat strategy, slicing projectiles you throw at her in two, she even commits the atrocity of cutting down your beloved pets, these are just a couple of the challenges that she’ll throw at you. We won’t even go into detail about how she slices the entire screen to bits, or the totally new ending.

Dead Cells is a critically-acclaimed roguelike metrovania action platformer set within an ever changing castle fully loaded with game changing items and hordes of deadly beasts. It is the winner and nominee for dozens of GOTY 2018 awards and has sold six million units. A steady flow of post-launch updates have responded to fan feedback which has continued to evolve Dead Cells, keeping it an action-centric adventure as challenging as it is satisfying.

Carl Mcfadyen

Carl Mcfadyen

Staff Writer

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