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Death end re;Quest Gets Real World + Investigation Screenshots

Ahead of next month's launch, Idea Factory has released some screenshots and details about the Real World sections of Death end re;Quest.

After receiving a message from his missing friend Shina Ninomiya, Arata Mizunashi discovers that she is stuck in their virtual creation - World’s Odyssey (W.O.D.). Their only hope of getting her out alive? Complete the game with the perfect ending - a feat only 1% of players have succeeded.

As well as helping Shina, Arata must unravel some mysteries in the real world, in the style of a visual novel. This means that you get to meet Arata's coworkers - both current and former - from Enigma Games, the company running W.O.D.

Check out the screenshots above of the Real World section. Death end re;Quest is coming to PlayStation 4 on 22nd February in Europe, and 19th February in North America.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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