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Death end re;Quest Screenshots Show off Dungeon Navigation + Bug Skills

Compile Heart has released 10 new screenshots showing off the Bug Skills and dungeon navigation for their upcoming RPG Death end re;Quest.

The Bug Skills are unique skills that each party member have to traverse the in-game game world of World's Odyssey. Check out the list of abilities, some of which you can see above:

  • Shina: Spider Rodeo - Creates webs to leap onto large-scale platforms
  • Lily: Melissa Poison - Removes vines that cover doorways.
  • Al: Armo On - Creates a force-field of bugs that protects from poison bogs and pools of lava.
  • Clea: Avalanche - Removes bugs that have bunched together to block doorways.
  • Lucil: Specto Search - Materializes pathways that have been previously removed.
  • Celica: Air Ride - Harnesses the power of buggies to fly across large gaps or chasms.

Death end re;Quest  is coming to PlayStation 4 on 19th February 2019 in North America and 22nd February 2019 in Europe.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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