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Death Stranding Has New Cinematic Promotional Trailer

Kojima Productions’ debut title Death Stranding is set to release early next month, and the marketing is starting to ramp up with Sony releasing a new cinematic promotional teaser trailer for the game.

The teaser trailer doesn’t provide much new information, instead giving a broader rundown of the games narrative and themes. In it, the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges (played by Norman Reedus) is seen traversing the barren United States, trying to deliver a variety of packages as he does in the game. This is accompanied by a voiceover of him explaining that he’s trying to reconnect the nation.

Some conflict arises as Sam’s chased down by an adversarial group trying to steal his packages, with the trailer reaching its climaxing as Sam leaves a facility only to be met with a large ominous looking supernatural figure.

Death Stranding is set to release 8th November exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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