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Dedicated Servers Coming to For Honor

Dedicated Servers Coming to For Honor

At long last, Ubisoft has finally made the right call to save to the dwindling player base of For Honor by giving everyone something that should've been there day one: dedicated servers.

With the latest development schedule revealed by Ubisoft, they are making headway to rekindle the flame of For Honor and perhaps try and spark the same success that Rainbow Six: Siege has been receiving this past year.

Little details are provided on when the switch to dedicated servers will be made, but it’s good to know that Ubisoft is acknowledging that a peer to peer network infrastructure on a skill based combat game just doesn’t work. For now, they are still focusing on improving the matchmaking and stability. Hopefully, we’ll see some public beta testing on the dedicated servers before they go live.

Following this news is also Ubisoft development schedule for For Honor from here on and till the end of the year. Ubisoft is laying their plans out like they have with Siege and The Division with a roadmap which you can see here:

fh roadmap all v7

Apart from the usual additional gear and cosmetics, the next two seasons will bring further improvements to factions and characters, as well as new heroes and modes. The one mode, in particular, is a brand-new ranked 4v4 mode - perhaps a more focused combat arena? We’ll have to wait and see.

So far, Ubisoft really is going out there a way to redeem themselves with For Honor. There’s a lot of potential, and once the dedicated servers are in place, we could have another massive surge of popularity like Siege, if done right.

Stay tuned on GameGrin for the latest on For Honor in the coming months.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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