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Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 Gameplay Trailer

Sony and developer Bluepoint Games knew exactly how to show off the eagerly anticipated Demon's Souls remake in the PlayStation 5 September Showcase event. How? With a no-nonsense, honest to god gameplay trailer (featuring an appropriately unceremonious player death). The trailer may not feature strictly unedited gameplay, but it's still as pure of an experience as trailers come; check it out above.

It's Demon's Souls, so we already knew it was going to be good (opinions may differ depending on your personal tastes). Still, it was hard to predict that it would look this good; half of this latest trailer involves little more than a character jogging through Boletaria, but it's still impossible to look away. As a showcase for the sheer moment-to-moment graphical power of the PlayStation 5, this title is an unassuming marvel.

Demon's Souls (remake) will launch on the PlayStation 5 as a launch day exclusive on the 12th and 19th November (depending on your region).

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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