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Descenders: Ring of Fire Update Launching Next Week

Descenders: Ring of Fire Update Launching Next Week

Procedurally-generated, downhill biking game Descenders will launch its latest update on 7th August. Titled Ring of Fire, the update will bring a number of improvements as well as a brand new world reserved for only the best players.

Releasing on PC and Xbox One, the update is the first large-scale addition to the game since it launched on Steam Early Access at the beginning of February earlier this year.

The volcano will be a true test of player skill as it is based on the real-world Ring of fire in the Pacific Rim. 90% of the world's earthquakes occur in this area, which creates a somewhat unpredictable gaming experience. Players will not only have to battle steep and winding paths, but also contend with volcanic eruptions and sudden earthquakes.

The end goal of the new level is to reach the volcano, but it isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Players must meet certain requirements in order to reach the volcano, these requirements aren’t made clear but the title of the update apparently doubles up as a clue?

Descenders: Ring of Fire Update launches 7th August on PC and Xbox One

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Thomas Hughes

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