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Developer_Direct 2023: Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends got a shoutout on this year's Developer_Direct from Xbox & Bethedsa. Mojang and Blackbird Interactive have joined forces this time around to create a strategy game set within the colourful and familiar world of Minecraft.

While its focus will primarily be player vs player (PvP), it does have light player vs environment (PvE) elements to keep players on their toes. Players must cooperate to succeed or fall together; those that prefer exploration can be sent to gather resources while any builders amongst the team can hang back and use those resources to create walls and defences. Not only can players be swarmed by their human opponents but Piglins roam the battlefield too, adding a new dynamic to the play area. The game also appears to announce what the opposing team are doing too; this can be handy in one regard, as you're always aware of what the enemy is planning, though it can also give away your tactics to your opponent so beware.

Minecraft Legends will be cross-platform when it releases on the 18th April 2023, and for those with Game Pass, good news, as it will be available through that service too.

Niall Cawley

Niall Cawley

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